Book Review: "Relentless Courage" by Michael Sugrue and Dr. Shauna Springer

Book Review: “Relentless Courage” by Michael Sugrue and Dr. Shauna Springer

I recently had the opportunity to preview “RELENTLESS COURAGE: Winning the Battle Against Frontline Trauma,” by Michael Sugrue and Dr. Shauna Springer.

The name of the book really sums up what’s in it. However, perhaps not in the way readers would initially think. The book is unique in both its raw authenticity and additional analysis by post-traumatic stress injury (PTSI) expert Shauna ‘Doc’ Springer, Ph.D.

The book follows the civil service career of retired Sergeant Michael Sugrue. He started out in the US Air Force, as a security forces officer Raven. The Ravens are a small group of airmen who receive specialized training to operate in remote and insecure locations around the world. They are responsible for protecting aircraft and aircrew in countries that do not have adequate security.

After separating from the Air Force, Michael was hired as a police officer in California. Early in Michael’s career, he was selected to be an undercover detective in a regional drug task force. Michael and his team managed to arrest drug dealers and seize large quantities of drugs, firearms and cash. Michael was later promoted to Sergeant. He was married and had a daughter.

Michael was living his dream, following in his father’s footsteps as a second-generation law enforcement officer. However, Michael’s humanity was about to collide with unthinkable loss and trauma.

Shortly after being promoted to sergeant, Michael’s team was sent to a priority call. A man was armed with a knife and was trying to break into a bedroom. Inside, a man and a woman believed he was going to kill them. Michael and his team bravely entered the house to arrest the armed attacker. Unfortunately, the gunman did not follow orders, turned to the officers and lunged at them. To defend their own life and that of the innocents, Michael was forced to use lethal force.

“RELENTLESS COURAGE” follows the aftermath of the shooting; criminal investigation, courtroom depositions and internal investigation. The suspect’s twin brother was present at several hearings, which repeatedly made Michael relive one of the most difficult days of his life. To make matters worse, Michael suffered a significant loss in his personal life during this time.

Amid tragedy and loss, Michael contemplated ending his life. Then, a close friend of Michael, a reserve police officer, attempted suicide. It was then that Michael showed the ultimate degree of courage. He found people he trusted and admitted he needed help.

“RELENTLESS COURAGE” is a harrowing story that gives readers insight into the worst parts of law enforcement. It is also a story of redemption and restoration, as Michael trusts knowledgeable professionals and friends to support him in the healing process.

Doc Springer helps the reader understand the psychology behind what was going through Michael’s mind. His expert insights, grounded in science and years of clinical experience, normalize the strong emotional and mental reactions Michael endured and provide perspective on ways we can all heal from trauma.

Order “Relentless Courage” from Amazon and watch an interview with Michael Sugrue and Dr. Shauna Springer here:

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