Britney Spears announces that a book will be released at the end of the year

Britney Spears announces that a book will be released at the end of the year

Months after a judge ruled that Britney Spears’ conservatorship should end, a report has emerged that Britney Spears has signed a $15 million deal with Simon & Schuster for a “tell-all” memoir. Although Britney has yet to speak about the specific terms of this agreement, she has confirmed that she is in the process of writing this book. In various posts, the multi-platinum pop singer opened up about her process with the book, including how she feels about certain memories when she reflects on it. In a more recent post, Britney revealed that the book will arrive at the end of the year.

“I want to talk about secrets!!!” Spears wrote in the post. “The secrets I’ve had to hold for the past 15 years, I will say, are honestly chilling.” She continued, “I had so many complaints that I wanted to share and bring up only to be told to shut up…but wait, that’s not what a smart woman is supposed to do. Speak, rise to the occasion, make people think. Britney then explains what it feels like to watch the media and other people tell her story incorrectly.

“Then I started getting pissed ALL THIS TIME!!!” she wrote. “Then all the money offers to tell my side of the story…and all the documentaries were rubbish! I’m sure it was the ignition to get me going, but honestly, I just wanted to spit in the face of anyone who came near me.

She concluded the post by writing, “Sh*t maybe now i will need guardianship?! I’m mad beat sh*tf*cking JUST KIDDING…Well not really!!! But i said..just make a book..easiest way possible and given my fear of people I might have to write them off for the next decade!!!Sit down and share my story is not maybe not the safest thing for anyone!!!My book is coming out at the end of this year…Once it’s out, I don’t know what’s going to happen.

You can see Britney’s full post on her upcoming book and more above.

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