DC Finally Makes Sense of 80 Years of Continuity and Crises in New Book

DC Finally Makes Sense of 80 Years of Continuity and Crises in New Book

A new book by Randall Lotozwycz, The DC Book of Lists, offers a deep dive into DC Comics characters, history, and lore, in list form!

One of the things DC Comics is best known for its long history of reviving its comic book universe through a series of major “crises”, dating back to 1985 Crisis on Infinite Earths, making the continuities of the characters a veritable minefield to cross. However, a new book by Randall Lotowycz, The DC List Bookpublished by DC Comics, attempts to explain over 80 years of continuity and puzzling crises, through a series of lists.

DC Comics has never been shy about rebooting its universe, but what makes its all new infinite border such an interesting time is that it established that all previous crises and continuities really happened, and were essentially real-time “reboots” of their universe. In the recent Dark Crisis #0 FCBD Special Edition question a group of children visit the Hall of Justice museum, where there is photographic evidence of Justice League teams from every previous era in the DC Universe, which makes The DC List Book all the more important now, because fans really need to know what happened in previous timelines!


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1985 Crisis on Infinite Earths redefined the entire DC Universe and franchise, and since then the concept of the DC Multiverse has been twisted multiple times, first established as a massive endless Multiverse, then condensed into a single universe, before be divided into 52 universes during The new 52. Now in infinite borderthe multiverse is endless again, but the great darkness is coming and the Justice League has just been killed, leading to the next major event dark crisis. Based on the DC Comics book Randall Lotowycz The DC List Book is a 250+ page guide to all things DC, offering a unique way to examine the dark backgrounds, reincarnations, and events of the past 80 years of publishing history. Told through a series of over 100+ lists, The DC List Book is a great read because not only can it help new and old readers better understand the history of the DC Universe, but it also lists some hilarious things that a fan might not even think like a list of every major cat in DC publishing history, or a collection of Green Arrow’s weirdest arrows.

The cover of the DC Book of Lists.

This isn’t the first time Randall Lotowycz has taken on the monumental task of capturing DC Comics continuity in writing, as he also created the popular DC Comics Super Heroes and Villains Fandex Deluxe Edition, so clearly that it has the experience to wrangle years of publication history in a readable format. Labeled “a multiverse of legacies, histories and hierarchies,” and explained as, “An official, lavishly illustrated celebration of DC’s past, present, and future“, this fun list book will surely fit in well next to the incredibly useful 2021 edition of the DC Comics Encyclopedia. Other lists in The DC List Book include the characters with the best tattoos, all the times Superman and the Flash have run, the many types of Kryptonite, and the different characters Harley Quinn covets. From the everyday to the out-of-control, Lotowycz’s listings offer a unique perspective on one of the world’s oldest media franchises, hopefully offering some clarity to fans confused by the multiple continuities and crises throughout DC’s history.

While it may seem impossible to reasonably rationalize over 80 years of conflicting timelines and character growth, Randall Lotowycz has certainly done his best, and any fan of DC Comicsespecially those confused by seizures beginning with Crisis on Infinite Earthswill surely love this useful new list book.

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The DC List Book debuted in bookstores on May 3, so be sure to pick up a copy!

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