Giacomo Sforza's cheeky retro artwork looks a lot like Marmite - you'll either love it or hate it

Giacomo Sforza’s cheeky retro artwork looks a lot like Marmite – you’ll either love it or hate it

It’s clear that Giacomo has a real knack for turning funny jokes into pictures. His whole portfolio proves it, where posters merge with pop culture, characters and memes – “memes in HD”, as he calls them, “touched by the hand of King Midas which makes everything iridescent and holographic”. Besides his work on colorblaze, Giacomo has also collaborated on videos for musicians such as Olivia O’Brien and Lil Texas, the latter American hardcore music producer. Describing Lil Texas as the “only artist who, thus far, wanted to embrace this aesthetic for his music,” Giacomo created several covers in his signature style earlier last year. After publishing the works, he was then contacted to create merchandising proposals for Lady Gaga. Dawn of Chromatica.

Giacomo finally gets the recognition he deserves. And yeah, her style isn’t for everyone, but if you’re into it, then you’re really into it. Take, for example, one of Giacomo’s favorite recipes (or works of art): a 2000 advertisement featuring a Nokia 3310. The piece was “particularly well done”, he says, crafted from a short and powerful concept. It goes like this: “You can’t hurt the feelings of a Nokia 3310”, which he says “refers to the well-known indestructibility of this phone”. We all remember tossing our own Nokias in this place and witnessing the shatterproof screens, and Giacomo’s piece is a welcome reminder of those days – anyone else missing the ruggedness of the Nokia?

He concludes that some people will follow and appreciate his work, but others will not – “I realize that few people will understand its significance”, he admits. “It’s a bit like me looking at the aesthetics of Japanese kanji, it’s beautiful but I don’t know the meaning.”

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