Mississippi school board confirms dismissal for 'I need a new ass' book

Mississippi school board confirms dismissal for ‘I need a new ass’ book

A Mississippi school district upheld a decision to fire an administrator for reading a book titled “I Need a New Ass!” to sophomores – but the booted administrator has vowed to take the fight to court.

Toby Price was fired as vice-principal at Gary Road Elementary in Byram in March, but he appealed the Hinds County superintendent’s decision and only found out about the school board’s vote this week, the Clarion-reported. Ledger.

Price was reportedly asked to step in and read to youngsters during a Zoom class after the intended reader – the principal – failed to show up.

“I was asked to read … and here we are,” he told the newspaper this week. “I’m just really sad. I don’t think it was supposed to happen that way.

The two-decade education veteran told the Ledger he plans to take legal action to get his job back.

Price had said Dawn McMillan’s “silly” book was “one of her favorites”, but Superintendent Delesicia Martin said it crossed a line by showing “private areas of the body”.

Hinds school board members held a hearing on Price’s appeal on April 28, then voted on his fate in a closed session. The council’s 12-page decision was just delivered to the fired educator on Monday, the Ledger reported.

Gary Road Elementary vice principal Toby Price fired for reading “I need a new ass!” to students.
Toby Price claimed “I need a new ass!” by Dawn McMillan. was one of his “favorites”.
Dover Publications
Toby Price was fired from his position as assistant principal at Gary Road Elementary
Members of the Hinds School Board say the book could be “dangerous for children”.

Of five school board members, only two voted to keep the dismissal, two people abstained and one person voted against keeping it, according to the newspaper.

“He does not see the problems associated with a school administrator desensitizing both adult nudity and child nudity by exposing it to the children in his or her care,” the decision states.

“At a minimum, it conditions children to believe that all kinds of actions are okay – they’re just funny. However, these activities are dangerous for children.

The board claimed a child pulled his pants down in class and repeatedly used the word “ass” while knocking on an administrator’s door after reading the story, the Ledger said.

Gary Road Elementary School in Mississippi.
Hinds School Board members accused Toby Price of “desensitizing both adult nudity and child nudity”.
Gary Road Primary School/Facebook
Toby Price was fired from his position as assistant principal at Gary Road Elementary
Price has had a career in education spanning two decades.

The book describes a young boy’s journey to find a new rear after he notices that “his butt has a huge crack”, according to his publisher’s description.

The description goes on to say that this “original tale of a tail” features rhyming and illustrations and promises kids and parents alike will love the book “no ifs, ands or butts about it!”

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