New Book Compiles About 1,400 Kinnikuman Techniques - Interest

New Book Compiles About 1,400 Kinnikuman Techniques – Interest

Find out how wrestling moves work, even superhuman moves

The Illustrated Field Guide “Gakken no Zukan” is a series of essential educational books in Japan. While most of the entries are devoted to documenting natural life, an upcoming episode takes on the task of compiling information from the Kinnikuman series – especially the techniques described in the original manga and its sequel Kinnikuman Nisei – Second Generation. It features approximately 1,400 techniques and over 1,600 illustrations.

Techniques are categorized into nine sections: Blunt Strike, Body Press, External Injury, Lock, Throw, Strike, Crush, Sealed Move, and Superhuman Technique. The book not only lists the movements of the Kinnikuman series but also real wrestling moves. Complicated moves will get frame-by-frame diagrams explaining how they work. There are also pages analyzing superhuman abilities from a scientific perspective.

In addition to a regular edition, the book will also receive a special first edition with a case designed by Kinnikuman manga creator duo Yumetamago. The book will ship to Japan on September 15.

Source: Comic Natalie

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