The best new books to read in May 2022

The best new books to read in May 2022

With spring in full swing and Memorial Day on the horizon, May is a great time to stock up on new book releases in time for the holiday season. Whether you’re looking for graduation gifts or stuffing your pool bag, this month’s most anticipated titles include memoirs, biographies, thrillers and, of course, plenty of romantic beach reads. Ready to fill your reading list? We’ve rounded up 19 new May books to help you get away from it all into the unofficial start of summer – all available to buy or pre-order on Amazon or, if you want to help support and buy from independent bookstores, Bookshop now.

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If “Dirty Dancing,” “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” and “Red Dawn” are in regular rotation on your movie-watching cycle, you’ll want to grab this new memoir. The actress gives an inside view of growing up as the daughter of a Broadway legend, working with Patrick Swayze, the backlash following her plastic surgery and how she made a comeback in her career. The short answer is that no one puts Baby – or Jennifer Gray – in a corner.

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Gothic horror meets romance meets historical fiction meets the supernatural in Cañas’ new novel set in the 1820s, after the Mexican War of Independence. When Beatriz marries a handsome man whose first wife’s death is not without suspicion, she moves to the remote Hacienda San Isidro. But things get scary from there, and it seems a young priest is the only one who can help her.

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When young widow Hattie, who works for her in-laws’ home restoration business, falls in love with a money pit, she quickly runs out of money. For money, she takes the opportunity to star in “The Homewreckers”, a reality TV show about beach house renovation – with a beautiful male lead. And with the demolition of the house comes the signs of a murder. Oh, just bring us the chic beach chair and umbrella now. Were in.

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If you ate “Beach Read” and “People We Meet on Vacation,” you’ll want to add the latest Henry to your pool bag this summer. Book aficionado and literary agent Nora sets off on a month-long trip with her younger sister, Libby, to small-town North Carolina, hoping for a romance-filled August with lovely locals . Instead, it’s a publisher she already knows from town that keeps popping up.

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This highly anticipated novel by Diaz (“In the Distance” was a Pulitzer Prize finalist) takes readers to 1920s New York, where Benjamin and Helen Rask dominate the social scene. But how far did they go to amass their fortune? Told in a unique story-within-a-history format and spanning a century, it’s acclaimed as an unmissable literary puzzle.

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If “Friday Night Lights” or “The Blind Side” are staples in your library, you’ll be interested in this book by football coach Lowe who quit his NFL job with the San Francisco 49ers to coach a team. underprivileged high school in his hometown. in Oregon. His story includes facing racism, becoming a mentor, valuing service and even disarming a would-be school shooter. Consider this your next inspirational read.

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Kick off the summer season with the best-selling author’s latest beach novel. Months away from her daughter’s Cape Cod beach wedding, Sarah must navigate all kinds of family drama, pandemic fallout, secrets and misunderstandings. If you liked “Big Summer” and “That Summer,” this one should get the best poolside billing this year.

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Do you like a good thriller? Rekulak’s new supernatural horror story will have you sleeping with the lights on. In it, resident nanny Mallory notices her charge of 5 years suddenly shifting from sketching stick figures to a realistic murder scene. In other words: it’s just the kind of scary stuff you’ve been waiting for.

From $14.99 at Amazon or from $25.75 at Bookshop, available May 17

'We Were Dreamers: An Immigrant Superhero Origin Story' by Simu Liu

You might know him as Shang-Chi, Marvel’s first Asian superhero, but Liu, a Chinese immigrant, has his own story to tell. Arriving in Canada at the age of 4, he shares his coming-of-age story, including overcoming cultural differences with his family, his choice to move to Hollywood, and the rewards that can come when you follow your dreams.

From $15.99 at Amazon or from $27.60 at Bookshop, available May 17

In their biography of Floyd, who was murdered by police officer Derek Chauvin on May 25, 2020, Washington Post reporters Samuels and Olorunnipa chronicle Floyd’s life and death which sparked nationwide protests. Henry Louis Gates Jr. calls it “an essential work of history that I hope everyone will read.”

From $14.99 at Amazon or from $25.76 at Bookshop, available May 17

It’s just not summer without a new Staub read (“All Adults Here”, “The Vacationers”) on your bedside table. In this moving time travel novel, Alice, about to turn 40 and worried about her ailing father, wakes up to find herself in 1996 on her 16th birthday – and is lucky enough to know more about his father.

From $15.99 at Amazon or from $25.75 at Bookshop, available May 17

Walker’s second novel (“Dietland”) puts a feminist spin on the gothic ghost story centering on wealthy gun company heiresses, the Chapel sisters, who discover they’re part of a curse family that kills women if they choose marriage over art. .

From $14.99 at Amazon or from $26.67 at Bookshop, available May 24

'Alabama V. King' by Dan Abrams and Fred Gray with David Fisher

Captioned ‘Martin Luther King Jr. and the criminal trial that launched the civil rights movement,’ ABC News legal affairs anchor Abrams joins civil rights attorney Gray and bestselling author Fisher to tell the essential Case of Alabama v. King. Gray, who served as King’s defense attorney during the trial, recalls racist testimony, a plot to conscript him into the Vietnam War, response to Supreme Court ruling and more Again. History buffs, take note.

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The longtime bestselling author returns with a thriller focused on Harry, whose theft (aka “night job”) has been going on since he was a young boy. But when a new boss begins to force Harry to accept more dangerous jobs, he must decide: disappear and leave his life and love behind or face his attacker head-on.

From $14.99 at Amazon or from $25.76 at Bookshop, available May 24

In her gripping memoir, poet and essayist Goetsch shares the story of her life – from childhood and a career as a high school teacher, through the New York cross-dressing scene to coming out and transition later in life.

From $12.99 at Amazon or from $24.84 at Bookshop, available May 24

Emezi (“The Death of Vivek Oji”) delivers one of the most anticipated books of the year with a love story that follows an artist, healed from the death of her partner five years prior, as she starts over to go out together. Little does she know she’s in store for a wildly unexpected ride.

From $14.99 at Amazon or from $26.68 at Bookshop, available May 31

Sedaris followers eager for new thoughts from the beloved writer won’t be disappointed with his latest collection of personal essays on everything from living through the pandemic to dealing with his father’s death to the buying panties in Japan.

From $11.99 at Amazon or from $26.67 at Bookshop, available May 31

Do you like a good beach romance with strong female characters? Discover the latest releases from the best-selling Mallery (“Thrill Me”). Set on the California coast, it centers on three strangers who meet and decide to open a bookstore/gift shop/bakery. The women, of course, all come with their own backgrounds and challenges when it comes to love, but form a bond that proves that friendship may be the ultimate bond.

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