"Immersive Van Gogh Detroit," produced by Lighthouse Immersive, bills itself as Van Gogh's original immersive experience.  It has been implemented in cities across the country.

The highly anticipated ‘Immersive Van Gogh Detroit’ is finally set to open on Wednesday

It’s time for the long-awaited show for an immersive Van Gogh experience in Detroit. To finish.

Nearly seven months after it was supposed to open but was delayed twice, angering ticket holders, “Immersive Van Gogh Detroit” kicks off Thursday inside the city’s historic former Harmonie Club building on East Grand River. Tickets are sold out the first few days but available from May 18. It runs until Labor Day.

The exhibition, which bills itself as Van Gogh’s “original” immersive experience, will feature 500,000 cubic feet of floor-to-ceiling projections of Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh’s most iconic paintings, including “Starry Night”, “Sunflowers and “The bedroom.” It is a creation of Massimiliano Siccardi from Italy, a world famous master of digital art.

Detroit is one of the final stages of “Immersive Van Gogh”, produced by Lighthouse Immersive. It’s already open — and still exhibiting in select locations — in more than 16 cities across the country, including Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Phoenix.

The producers say what makes their exhibits unique is that they specifically tailor each immersive experience to the architecture of the buildings they are in. And they like to choose historical structures in each city where they exhibit. The former Harmony Club, which opened in 1894 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is a German social club in Detroit.

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