The Last of Us & Red Dead Redemption Vintage Comic Book Covers Leave Fans Amazed

The Last of Us & Red Dead Redemption Vintage Comic Book Covers Leave Fans Amazed

Mark Scicluna, a former Rockstar Games illustrator, has used his incredible talent to turn some of the most beloved video games into vintage comic book covers, including The last of We, Red Dead Redemptionand more.

Many of our favorite Rockstar Games titles have been worked on by Scicluna, including the likes of LA Noire, GTA Online, Red Ded Redemption 2, and bully. Although the illustrator no longer works under Rockstar Games, they still put their incredible talent to good use.

Once you find these games as comic book covers, you’ll be begging Santa Monica Studios, Rockstar Games, and other studios to turn their biggest titles into comic books.

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god of war | PC Announcement Trailer

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god of war | PC Announcement Trailer





Former Rockstar Games Illustrator Creates Stunning Vintage Comic Book Covers

Mark recently took Twitter to share their favorite video games as vintage comic book covers, all created by the famous illustrator.

Included in the artwork is God of War, Horizon Forbidden West, The Last of Us and Red Ded Redemption. These titles are undoubtedly among the greatest hits of the 2000s, with God of the war and The last of us being the two biggest PlayStation exclusives, while Red Dead Redemption is one of Rockstar Games’ largest properties.

Even though the four games couldn’t be further apart in terms of genre, they all work incredibly well as vintage comic book covers. This begs the question, does it all work like a vintage comic book cover, or is Mark Scicluna just right? THAT Well?

This isn’t the first time Scicluna has created stunning artwork either, the artist has already turned many successful video games into vintage comic book covers. Including the likes of Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Crash Bandicoot, and much more. All of this can be checked on Mark’s official website.

Be sure to check out the artwork in the tweet below and let us know in the comments section which game you’d like to see turned into a comic!

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