Why The Lincoln Lawyer Show So Ignores Book 1 (What Is It Based On?)

Why The Lincoln Lawyer Show So Ignores Book 1 (What Is It Based On?)

Netflix’s adaptation of Michael Connelly’s The Lincoln Lawyer novels skips the first book, telling a different story. But what book does it fit?

Warning: Contains spoilers for Lincoln’s lawyer season 1.

by Netflix Lincoln’s lawyer The TV series adapts Mickey Haller’s second book, The Brass Verdict (2007), but why does he ignore volume 1? Lincoln’s lawyer The novel series begins with a book of the same name and is written by Michael Connelly, the same author behind the Bosch novels. While the writer and production team claimed the series would adapt The Brass Verdictthe truth is a bit more complicated.

Criminal defense attorney Michael “Mickey” Haller Jr. (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) was first introduced in the 2005 novel Lincoln’s lawyer. Working as part of the legal justice system machine, Haller helps clients escape unethical police work, but is also hired by a client named Louis Ross Roulet who has been accused of brutally assaulting a female worker. of sex named Reggie Campo. The story ties into an old Haller case that saw innocent man Jesus Menendez sent to prison for life for the murder of fellow sex worker Martha Renteria.


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It hasn’t been explicitly stated why the Netflix adaptation of Lincoln’s lawyer didn’t adapt the original book of the same name, but there are logical reasons for that decision. 2005 Lincoln’s lawyer was already adapted into a well-received film starring Matthew McConaughey in 2011, which means many people would already know the answers to the mysteries and the Netflix adaptation would be hard pressed to step out of McConaughey’s shadow. Besides, Lincoln’s lawyer focusing on visceral portrayals of violence against women might have been an easy choice for Netflix execs to avoid, hoping for something at least a little more family-friendly.

Lincoln's Lawyer Netflix

It would have been easy for the Netflix TV series to Lincoln’s lawyer make a direct adaptation of The Brass Verdict, simply acknowledging that the events of the first book had already taken place. However, the series ignores the events of the first book, replacing the injury that Mickey Haller suffers at the end of Lincoln’s lawyer with a surfing injury that leaves him in a similar place. This allows Netflix Lincoln’s lawyer to kill any potential connection to the 2011 film and establish itself as its own narrative.

It works especially well in Lincoln’s lawyer TV shows like Netflix actually blend into many of the subplots from the original 2005 novel. This includes cases like Sam Scales and Harold “Hard Case” Casey, but especially Jesus Menendez. Divorced from her affair with Louis Ross Roulet in the Netflix adaptation of Lincoln’s lawyerthe case Menendez is able to set up Lincoln’s lawyer season 2 with a suggestion that the second season might revisit the main plot of the first book now that the series has established its world and characters.

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Lincoln’s lawyer Season 1 is now available on Netflix.

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