You must collect this new activity book

You must collect this new activity book


Marvel activity books are an age-old tradition, as I feel like I’ve been buying them for 38 years on this earth. Before I even read my first comic, Marvel heroes taught me colors, vocabulary, and more through word searches, puzzles, and drawing books. A new activity book has come out of Abrams, Marvel Big Book of Fun and Games, and I can’t stress enough how fresh it is. We were sent a copy of the book to check out, and it rocked our Spidey senses from the moment we opened the cover.

Marvel returns to fun

With an introduction by Roy Thomas, this book has so many different puzzles it will make your head spin. “Hulk takes on any challenge and helps your favorite Marvel characters conquer the most brain-twisting and thrilling puzzles and games in the Multiverse. Navigate Doctor Strange’s mystical maze, decipher Spider-Man’s word webs, face the search and find, navigate word searches faster than Falcon, and learn how to conjure the Scarlet Witch – all you need is a pencil. And it’s true, from word searches and scrambles to picture puzzles and handy drawing pages, this is a dream book for a Marvel fan of any age. There are also characters in depth; it’s not just Spidey, Hulk, Cap, Iron Man, etc. It’s a real treat and an interesting introduction to some of the deeper corners of the Marvel Universe proper, while also exercising your brain.

I don’t have a single artistic bone in my body, but my 9-year-old daughter does, and she loves browsing the art pages because we also do a one-word-a-night puzzle together. It’s become a pretty nifty bedtime treat, and you can’t beat it as an introduction to the universe. She asks about who she doesn’t know, which leads to some pretty cool conversations.

I can’t recommend it highly enough to any Marvel fan, at any age, really. It’s available now, and the best part is that it’s only $15. Take it and have fun.

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