maude vos delusional 1 year anniversary compilation

Delusional Records Celebrates PRIDE With 1st Anniversary Compilation

Los Angeles-based queer underground artists Maude Vôs and Marie Nyx launched Delusional Records last year as a hub for all delusional individuals to flourish together, guided by the core values ​​of experimentation, visibility and inclusiveness. Delusional Records strives to revive the roots of dance music culture; when there were no rules, just an honest expression.

The imprint is celebrating both PRIDE month and its milestone year-long anniversary with the ‘Delusional 1 Year Anniversary VA Compilation’ – a 15-track set of left-field sounds crafted primarily on modular synthesizers and analog gear by women, LGBTQIA+, non-binary and BIPOC producers.

The label’s co-founders anchor the compilation via their own individual productions – Vôs with the propulsive and spacious “iele” and Nyx with the alien techno track “Asteria”.

Standout tracks include the compilation’s first offering, M-Other’s “Smoke and Honey,” a swirling psychedelic cut with funky basslines, reverberant drum patterns, atmospheric synth pads and a streak of creatives. complete oral. Next is “Cat Dance” by modular synthesist Marie Ann Hedonia, an acid-inspired, Italo-disco-inspired rave experience with clave production. Then there’s “Infliction” by experimental hard dance producer and vocalist Dahlia Fae, a track that swings between glitchy breakbeats and happy hardcore percussion – a combo that transports you vividly to classic ’90s raves.

“Delusional 1 Year Anniversary VA Compilation” achieves the imprint’s goal of reviving the roots of dance music: by imbuing its diverse and comprehensive track list with an abundance of retro rave sounds, the compilation feels limitless, taking the listener back to a time when dance music culture was a pure and honest expression.

Delusional Records has come a long way since its inception last year, which launched with Maude Vôs’ three-track The Umbra EP serving as the label’s debut offering. The anniversary compilation marks Delusional’s tenth release, following such drops as Marie Nyx’s transcendental techno debut EP Elysium, which hit No. 1 on Beatport’s Raw Deep Hypnotic Techno chart and earned her praise from DJ Mag as “Artist to Watch”.

Vôs and Nyx form an unstoppable dynamic duo. Each artist boasts a plethora of individual accomplishments – collectively they’ve shared stages with Pleasurekraft, Prok & Fitch and Baltra, released on labels like Desert Hearts Black, Rules Don’t Apply and Glory Hill, and performed at notable parties like Mixmag Lab LA, Clinical Wednesdays and Minimal Effort.

Continuing Delusional Records’ mission to revive club music made by women, non-binary, queer and hardware artists, the anniversary compilation speaks to the labels’ inclusive and boundary-pushing sensibilities through a hypnotic set of gender-blended cuts. with returning elements of rave resurgence.

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