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End for Liam and Leyla?

Emmerdale screened dramatic scenes this week which saw Leyla suffer a heart attack after months of secret drug addiction.

And now, new Emmerdale spoilers reveal there’s more drama to come.

Leyla’s friends and family were shaken by what happened, and none more so than her husband, Liam, who had no idea about his wife’s dangerous habit.

Now, new Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal that while his actions didn’t cost Leyla her life – although it was a close call – it looks like her marriage is dead in the water.

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Leyla and Liam on the rocks

In addition to her addiction, Leyla got involved with a drug dealer, Callum, to the point where she ended up stockpiling a large amount of drugs for him.

A text from Callum leaves Leyla panicked. But she’s shocked to realize that Liam already knows she’s hiding drugs for someone.

She finally tells Liam everything, explaining how deeply she is with Callum since he left her a large amount of medicine to keep which then disappeared. He is stressed about how bad things have gone.

However, Liam’s mate Cain has already stepped in to help and try to fix the problem. He has the medicine bag and a plan to return it.

With Suzy, he arranges to meet Callum at a rest area. Suzy gives Callum the drugs and tells him that it’s all over now as far as they’re concerned and warns him in no uncertain terms to stay away from Leyla.

Emmerdale Callum watches Leyla
Leyla got into some dangerous business with Callum. (ITV)

Liam loses it

Later, Cain confirms to Liam that the drug problem has been taken care of, much to his relief.

He relays the news to Leyla.

However, when she doesn’t react as he expected, his frustrations at his recent behavior boil over.

Liam rallies with Leyla that he is now questioning their whole marriage. He storms out, leaving Leyla alone and upset.

Full of despair and self-loathing, can Leyla find a way to fix her marriage?

Meanwhile, Liam knows Leyla stood by him as his life fell apart after the death of his daughter Leanna.

But with Leyla now at rock bottom, can he find within himself the ability to help her rebuild, given that it was his own terrible actions that put her in the position she finds herself in? ?

Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

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