Taylor Lautner took a break from Hollywood after Twilight

Taylor Lautner took a break from Hollywood after Twilight

“Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?” If part of your middle and high school years was asking your friends this controversial question, you’re probably familiar with the cinematic origins of Taylor Lautner, who split the “Twilight” fandom in two when he debuted as as teenage werewolf Jacob Noir in 2008. In the nearly 14 years since the film’s premiere, Lautner has remained a cultural icon for his performance as a teenage shapeshifter. While longtime Twihards are still remembered in fanfiction for Jella and Lautner’s long hair (it was a wig the whole time), the film franchise had a mental and emotional impact on the star that pushed him. to take a step back from Hollywood.

“It was a learning curve for all of us as a family.”

“In ‘Twilight,’ I was the youngest — I was 16 — and so my parents were a big part of (grounding me), even when I was doing movies,” he told CNN. in a recent interview. As swarms of fans chased him with handmade signs proclaiming their love — in malls, movie theaters and even grocery stores — Lautner struggled to process his newfound fame, barely taking time to bask. in his on-screen success.

For Lautner’s parents, facing fame was “uncharted territory,” and seeing him rise to the top didn’t change the fact that he was still their son. “When I was at home, I still had to take out the trash,” he says. “I still had to mow the lawn.” Jokingly, he adds that his parents would tell him, “We don’t care if you’re on the big screen. You still have to do your chores.”

Along with making sure he stays grounded, Lautner’s parents have been key in helping him realize his need to separate himself from his overwhelming popularity. “My parents definitely put it into perspective. I think even for them it was uncharted territory for parents who have a 16-year-old going through this,” he says, adding that the sudden influx of he attention from fans – and the pressure that came with it – inspired him to take a break from his acting career. “It was a learning curve for all of us as a family. And that’s why I think hindsight is just a good refresher and just to make sure you’re doing things for the right reasons. .”

When filming wrapped on “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2,” the fifth installment in the film franchise, Lautner noticed his fan base was rapidly beginning to dwindle. With fans disappearing as quickly as they arrived, he began to experience impostor syndrome, another factor that led to his much-needed break. “When that’s taken away from you, you start to question yourself and go, ‘Oh, don’t people care about me anymore?'” he said. a little. You notice it, and that’s the dangerous part, because it can really mess your mind.”

After taking a brief break from the entertainment industry to reflect on his experiences, Lautner returned to roles like Cam in “Tracers” (2015) and Dale Ashbrick Jr. in the British sitcom “Cuckoo” (2014-2018) . Most recently, he appeared as Troy Lambert in “Home Team,” a sports comedy about a disgraced NFL player who returns home to coach his son’s college football team. In 2018, the star also started dating Taylor Dome, a nurse from California.

On November 13, 2021, he announced their engagement via Instagram. “Can’t wait to spend eternity with you @taydome,” he wrote. “You love me unconditionally. You can’t stand my 💩. You calm me down when I’m anxious. You make me laugh way too much. You make every day with you so special. And most importantly, you make me a better person .I can’t thank you enough for what you brought to my life.I love you forever.

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