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Teddi Mellencamp Isn’t Surprised By Jim Edmonds’ ‘Scare Tactics’ Amid Wedding Invitation Drama!

Teddy Mellencamp was not surprised by Jim Edmond’s reaction after she mocked his wedding invitations on her podcast, “Two Ts In a Pod.” teddy made the comments alongside his guest, at Jim’s ex, Meghan King.

Jim Edmonds

“Actually, I wasn’t shocked [by Jim’s behavior] because of all that I’ve seen of him on [Real Housewives of] Orange County, it kind of played into exactly what I thought it was” teddy41 years old, said We Weekly Wednesday, about her former co-star’s husband.

“Make a joke,” the accountability coach added. “Megane had nothing to do with it. She came in, I had just sent her to myself. I’m on a podcast where we talk bullshit. I mean, that’s what podcasting is. And, you know, this over-the-top invitation came, and I saw it and made a joke of it.

Teddy Mellencamp

The The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum shared screenshots allegedly sent by the former MLB player after the July 28 episode of the podcast aired. Jim, 52 years old, asked teddy if Megane was the person who had given him the invitation.

“She didn’t. I blindsided her. I had a dm with that,” teddy replied, in the text exchange.

Jim press teddy more difficult to reveal his source after refusing to say who sent him the invitation.

“Show me the DM without the person’s name on it then. I don’t believe anything that comes out of my ex’s mouth, so how should I trust you?” Jim asked the podcaster.

Jim Edmonds

teddy ripped the former centre-back over his reaction, after sharing the texts, via Instagram, on Saturday.

“I think he likes to do whatever he wants,” she said. “He’s using scare tactics in hopes you’ll back down.”

teddy added, “The only thing I didn’t like was a man talking to a woman like that.”

The text conversation revealed Jim call teddy “rubbish” and advising him to “clean up his own bullshit” and “stop worrying about other people before they come back to bite your ass”.

Meghan King

at Jim’s rep Steve Honig commented in a statement to Us – “It’s unfortunate when someone’s livelihood is based almost entirely on talking badly about others. And it’s no joke when you’re on the receiving side.

Megane and Jim have been married for seven years and have three children together. They finalized their divorce in May 2021.

Jim and Kortnie O’Connor, a 37-year-old real estate agent, have been engaged since August 2021. The couple are due to marry in Italy in September.

Jim Edmonds

The celebrity big brother alum and Meganea former Orange County ‘housewife’, made headlines after publicly criticizing Jim and by Kortnie wedding invitation.

“I’m sorry, it’s very cringe-worthy,” teddy Told Megane during the podcast. “And I just have to [read] this. He says, “Ladies, get inspired by your favorite Bond girl. Gentleman: black tie or white coat like James [Bond].'”

Megane added – “OK, ok, I mean everyone has their different style. I mean, it’s implied [that Jim is James Bond here].”

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